Dark and Stormy #7

After two issues dealing with captions and reviews, Dark and Stormy is back once again with a fresh new issue on biographies. With the help of our guest editor Lieven Lahaye, the magazine has swollen to a whopping 16 pages packed with memoirs, life stories, CV’s, confessionals and close-ups. Our 50+ contributors have supplied us with insights into the lives of action movie stars, mad poets, alter-egos, hardcore techno producers, statues, cartoon frogs, tech billionaires, bronze age teenagers etc… So, brave the cold and wet and join us this Friday at Mertens Frames Project Space by Plan B for the release of Dark and Stormy 7. Pick up your copy of the magazine and wash it down with a beverage of your choice.

Contributors to this issue:
Alexandra Stock, Alina Lupu, Ana Wild, Annie Goodner, Anton Stuckart, Ben Clark, Bruno Zhu, Cathleen Owens, Dan Walwin, Davey Whitcraft, David Bennewith, Duncan Drury, Elisabeth Graham, Emilie Ferrat, Fabian Reichle, Floor Koomen, Francois Girard-Meunier, Frank Koolen, Freya Kirchheiner, Gianmaria Andreetta, Guy Mount, Halla Einarsdottir, Jay Yoon, Johanna Ehde, Johanna Maerski, Jonathan Aldenberg, Lauritz Andersen, Lukas Meßner, Manus Nijhoff, Marius Schwartz, Miquel Hervaz Gomez, Mylou Oord, Nic de Jong (The Iduna Institute for Strategic Imitation & Delay), Nolwenn Salaun, Per Tornberg, Riet Wijnen, Will Holder, Rudy Guedj, Sophia Häberle, Guido Lang, Staffan Björk, Stefanie Rau, Tarja Szaraniec, Till Hormann, Tomas Laar, Ward Heirwegh, Will Pollard, Wim Berchmans, Yana Foque, Lieven Lahaye, Rustan Söderling and Bart de Baets.